How not to complain to city hall

The path under south end of the Overlanders Bridges tends to collect water and garbage.

KAMLOOPS - In the world of social media it appears some people may assume if they put it out there the right people will see it, but Public Works Director Jen Fretz says that just isn't so.

A video showing a drain pipe from the Overlanders Bridge leaking onto the multi-use path underpass at the south end of the bridge was posted on Youtube, but because no date was given Fretz says it is hard to tell what circumstances led to the muddy path.

“We need people to call about this stuff,” Fretz says of the video. “If I knew about this I'd have had my guys on it.”

The message accompanying the video states: "Please fix this leaking pipe, it's been leaking all winter, probably for years. I have to walk through this gross wet area, because the pipe leaks right onto the bike path, this path is well used, why can't the city fix this simple problem for us?"

Fretz says staff looked into the issue and will be extending the pipe to the catch basin to help deal with splashing and runoff, and reminds people to call the city, go online or use the mobile myKamloops app to report issues, instead of posting to YouTube where it is very unlikely staff will ever see it.

“We don't know why the water was there or what the circumstances were,” she says. “These are the type of things people need to report to us.”

Credit: illuminatea via YouTube

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-This story was updated at 3:26 p.m., April 10, 2014 to include action taken by city.

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