Guys loves their cats

Image Credit: YouTube

With this many cats, it was just a matter of time before they lit up YouTube, although not for the reasons you may think.

These guys considered their many, many cats in the architectural design of their home and you can't say it isn't attractive. Those must be some happy cats.

Then, Jimmy Kimmel breaks down The Bachelor, Manny Pacquiao ponders professional wrestling as a career option, The Onion looks back at Home Alone and offers better solutions and Clickhole has one of those new unboxing videos.

Mom's who have lost kids to overdose have been mailing photos to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as part of a new project called Somebody's Someone.
Trudeau getting hundreds of photos from Interior moms whose children died from overdoses
Hundreds of black-bordered envelopes adorned with purple hearts were sent to the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week from moms hurt by overdose deaths. Inside the envelopes are photos of family members who have died since the start of t

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