Goose management: the loud bang theory

Image Credit: City of Kelowna

KELOWNA - The City of Kelowna has received a “Scare Permit” from Canadian Wildlife Service to use techniques such as lasers, falcons, dogs and loud noise makers to discourage geese from settling in Kelowna’s parks and beaches.

The prevalence of goose droppings reduces the enjoyment of parks and beaches throughout the valley and can affect beach water quality. Geese can also cause damage to sports fields turf, increasing the time and cost for maintenance.

While any park in Kelowna could require goose management, residents are advised that the scare techniques will more often occur in these parks:
·         Mission Recreation Park
·         Parkinson Recreation Park, including the Apple Bowl
·         Elks Stadium
·         City Park
·         Waterfront Park

Goose management will be conducted Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. until 4 p.m. year round; however, peak activity will occur in the spring and fall when there is generally an increase in geese population.

These management techniques are used in conjunction with the egg addling program coordinated by Okanagan Valley Goose Management. The public is reminded to keep away from goose nests and to avoid touching the eggs. Information about the program is available at

For more information about goose management, visit

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