Gas prices drop below a dollar per litre in Kamloops

Gas prices have dropped below a dollar per litre at several stations around Kamloops today, Nov. 18.

KAMLOOPS - Winter driving may be causing headaches for drivers in Kamloops but at least the price at the pumps won’t be adding to your misery.

Prices have dropped below $1 per litre at several gas stations around the city while many others are sitting just above $1 per litre, down more than 10 cents per litre from a week ago.

GasBuddy, an online consumer-driven price guide, is reporting the cheapest gas in the city as 95.9 cents per litre at Costco. Several other stations around the city are reported at 99.9 cents per litre while many others are at 100.9 or 101.9 cents per litre.

A national trend has gas prices falling across the country, with the average price in B.C. at 115.5 cents per litre and 102 cents per litre as the average price across Canada.

A year ago the gas price was about 15 cents per litre more in Kamloops while the average gas price in B.C. was 123.5 cents per litre and the average price in Canada was 114.7 cents per litre.

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