3 men charged in 1992 killing of top Polish communist

WARSAW, Poland - Poland's justice minister says three men have been charged with murder in connection with the 1992 deaths of communist-era top official Piotr Jaroszewicz and his wife.

The brutal killing of Jaroszewicz, 82, and of Alicja Jaroszewicz, 66, in the early years of Poland's democracy raised speculation it could have been politically motivated. Jaroszewicz was prime minister from 1970-80.

Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro said Wednesday that prosecutors have charged three men with murder and robbery, and two of them have admitted to investigators they were guilty. Ziobro called the development a "breakthrough."

The lead came from a separate investigation into a criminal group.

Ziobro said the suspects cited robbery as their goal, but that investigators are also taking other motives into account.

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