ELECTION 2015: Solo Harper protester goes topless in Kamloops

Anti-Harper Ashley Gribble outside Conservative Cathy McLeod's campaign office.

KAMLOOPS – A topless Stephen Harper protestor took to the street in Kamloops today, Oct. 16, to demonstrate against the current government.

Ashley Gribble said she picked Cathy McLeod’s campaign office because the Member of Parliament “needs to be more ashamed about what her government has done to women across Canada.”

Gribble represents a group called Power of the Pussy. They held a large rally in Vancouver earlier in the campaign, but came up plenty short in Kamloops. The group is against “pretty much anything that Harper has approved that strips us of our privacy and all of our rights,” Gribble said.

“I started this one today, in particular, because Cathy McLeod had a ridiculous reaction to Donovan Cavers sharing the ‘Sluts against Harper’ campaign. She was saying it was degrading to women and I laughed at that because Harper has a very serious war on women,” Gribble says.

“The reason we’re doing topless is because this is our choice, it’s our womens’ right to go topless.”

And the reason her face is covered is because she’s “standing in solidarity with the hundreds of faceless victims of Harper’s government,” citing specifically Muslim women and the niqab.

Gribble lists murdered aboriginal women, the closing of status of women’s offices, the wage gap, the lack of female MPs and cuts to child care as examples of how she feels Harper has failed women.

“Our group is specifically trying to raise awareness,” she says adding that Kamloops is quite conservative – both of the small and capital ‘C’ varieties.

This was evident in her solo efforts today. Gribble says she started out with a group of at least ten that dwindled down to only her.

“Lots of personal views from family and friends that have sort of convinced them not to do it,” she says, explaining Kamloops isn’t quite as “radical” as Vancouver. She says on the coast her group garners a lot more followers.

“We even had women from the crowd come out and join us, which was awesome.”

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