Don’t toss it, fix it at Repair Café

CENTRAL OKANAGAN - Do you have a household item in need of repair, don’t want to toss it out, but you’re stumped on how to fix it? A bike with a flat, a toaster that just won’t toast, a lamp in need of re-wiring, even clothing that could use some mending or TLC? If so, the Repair Café could be just the event you’re looking for!

Hosted by the Regional Waste Reduction Office, the Repair Café takes place at Okanagan College Center for Learning, 1000 KLO Road, on Saturday, Nov. 7 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. And yes, it’s all free!

“The whole idea of this event is to prevent things from landing in the garbage unnecessarily--in a nutshell, don’t toss it, repair it!” says Waste Reduction Facilitator Rae Stewart. “It’s also about reviving the whole culture of repair, to get people thinking well maybe I can use this thing again, about changing our habits from a throw away to a fix it society. And a big part of it all is showing people they can actually repair things themselves, so empowerment is a big piece of the puzzle.”

Stewart adds volunteers are the backbone of their Repair Café events. “Most of our fixers are simply hobbyists who enjoy helping others. They’re all volunteering their time.  They vary in age and background, just like those that come to these events with broken items to be fixed. The Repair Café not only offers the opportunity to learn new skills, but also the chance to connect with skilled people. It’s a casual environment  for exchanging  skills and information, all for free.”

Stewart adds The Repair Café concept started in the Netherlands and while still somewhat new here in the Central Okanagan, it’s really catching on. “This is our third Repair event, and judging from participation at the first two, one earlier this spring and the very first one last fall, people love this idea. Close to 100 people have brought items for repair to each event. This local event is part of a growing international network, and a celebration of the great things that can be done when we pool our skills knowledge and resources.

If you have something you‘re looking to have repaired, refurbished, revamped or renewed, you’re invited to join in on the Repair Café.

For more info visit or call the Regional Waste Reduction Office at 250.469.6250.

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