David Thompson Elementary working towards a waste free school

KAMLOOPS – On April 21, the day before Earth Day, David Thompson Elementary, in partnership with Waste Naught B.C. and the City of Kamloops, will be conducting the first ever waste audit of an elementary school in Kamloops.

The audit will be using a day’s worth of waste from the entire school of over 400 students and faculty. Waste will be sorted by classroom into different categories and then weighed to better understand the types of waste generated on a daily bases. This is just one of the first steps that will take place as the school works towards a waste free school, where resources are conserved and recovered rather than being buried in a landfill.

The goal to become a waste free school is an initiative of the Parental Advisory Committee at David Thompson Elementary. It is the first waste audit in the district and will set a strong example for other schools. The results will provide other schools throughout the district the knowledge to better manage their waste.

Waste Naught B.C. is the contractor who will been conducting the waste audit. Owner Marcia Dick stated, "I am thrilled to be working on a waste reduction plan with a school.  Schools are a great place to practice waste reduction and I hope that what we do at David Thompson Elementary will inspire other schools to do the same. While it is still too early to speak to cost savings and potential waste reduction, I suspect that the school could cut their waste disposal bill in half."

The goal to become a waste free school directly supports that sustainability goals of the City of Kamloops, therefore support will be provided from the Sustainability Team of the City of Kamloops to help educate students and parents on ways to reduce their waste and how to properly manage recyclables.

The results will be announced in early May at a school assembly with education on what changes students and staff can make. Additionally a future audit will take place to measure the progress.

Students and their families can help achieve the goal of a waste free school by avoiding single serving food products and opting for bulk items when packing litter-free lunches, as well as thinking about the 4 Rs of waste management: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

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