Customers warned about possible Canada Post labour disruption

Image Credit: Canada Post

TORONTO - Businesses are warning their customers about the possibility of a strike or lockout at Canada Post that could happen as early as this weekend.

A number of companies including TD Bank, cellphone carrier Virgin Mobile and credit card company American Express have told their customers not to expect statements in the mail in the event of a labour disruption.

Some are encouraging their customers to pay their bills online if they're not already doing so.

Unionized workers at Canada Post can legally go on strike or be locked out as of Saturday if an agreement isn't reached between the Crown corporation and the union.

Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers have been in negotiations for its delivery and plant employees since December.

The corporation says it tabled new contracts last Saturday, but have yet to hear a response from the workers' union.

It says the main contentious issues relate to changes to pension plans for incoming workers and the hiring of temporary and part-time delivery employees for evenings and weekends.

Canada Post delivers approximately nine billion letters, parcels and flyers a year, serving nearly 15 million residential and one million business addresses.

Its workers were on rotating strikes in 2011.

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