Cold calling scam strikes again

Seniors are often targeted as scammers prey on their benevolence.
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KELOWNA - At least three kinds of cold calling scams are targetting local residents, young and old.

After receiving reports of the various scamming ploys the RCMP are warning the public to think twice before taking advice from unknown callers.

In one case the suspect targets individuals with grandchildren and requests emergency funds - also known as the "Grandparent Scam."

The suspect poses as the individual's grandchild asking for money to help cover urgents costs of a car accident for example or for travels in a foreign country. Police are urging the public to contact their actual family members before transferring any money to the caller.

Another tactic described as the "Inheritance Scam" was also reported.

In this case the caller tells the individual they're a beneficiary to a large inheritance, sometimes up to millions of dollars. To claim the inheritance the individual is asked to provide personal banking information.

A third ploy known as the "Microsoft Scam" also attempts to access personal information.

Posing as a representative of a major computer or software company like Microsoft, the caller convinces the individual their computer has a virus or is running slow. Once they get remote access to the individual's computer, they can download malicious software or retrieve credit card information.

RCMP caution the public not to open any suspicious links or email, and never give personal banking information over the phone. 

For more information about scams and how to report them, please go to

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