'Like a queen': In India, Ivanka Trump embodies US glamor

HYDERABAD, India - Ivanka Trump came to India to talk about empowering female entrepreneurs. But for many in this centuries-old southern city that has emerged as a technology hub, her trip has been a chance to savour the glamour of the American president's family.

On Wednesday, locals strained behind security barricades near a medieval fort hoping for a glimpse of their VIP visitor.

Irfana Begum, who was dodging barricades trying to figure out what road home was open for traffic, says Trump is confident, beautiful and "like a queen."

Begum says despite the inconvenience in getting about the city, she's very happy about the visit by Trump, the daughter of President Donald Trump and a senior presidential adviser.

Hyderabad cleared away beggars and filled potholes ahead of the visit.

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