ARCHER: A lot of talk, how about some action?


The group TimeForChangePenticton has become a sort of phenomenon over the last few weeks. I “liked” the page early on and my Facebook feed has been blowing up with notifications of posts and pictures and comments.

People are talking about issues that many argue were not being talked about (enough) before. All the talk is wonderful, but it begs the question: Will anything come of it?

The page has been active for only two weeks but it’s one thing to talk about change, but doing something is an entirely different animal.

A lot of the discussion on the page has revolved around the upcoming municipal elections. But elections aren’t until November—will members be able to keep their motivation until then?

TimeForChangePenticton members rallied outside of City Hall before Monday’s city council meeting, and several stayed to hear council discuss the issues of the day. This was the group’s first public appearance, and based on Facebook posts, not the last.

But these are just the first steps. It's exciting, even inspiring to see a group like this spring from the ground up. With dismal voter turnout rates, we need this kind of participation. Here's hoping their momentum propels them through another three months and beyond.

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