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Friday 06-Dec-2019 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Mile Zero Wine Bar
200 Ellis Street Phone Number: (250) 488-7944

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Valleys of Wine is the first comprehensive history of BC wine since the early 1980s. A lot has changed since then... Wine in BC has never been more popular and the domestic wine industry never stronger. Yet the industry’s history is short and unknown. Like the terroir of a grapevine that translates to unique flavours in the finished wine, BC’s geological and cultural history are the roots for the modern wine industry. From the first taxes on alcohol through Prohibition to the province’s first governmentsponsored winery, the industry has been influenced by the very cultural ground on which it is grown. Wine consumers in BC and enthusiasts anywhere in the world looking to learn about this exciting new region will get a taste of BC’s wine history to swirl, sip, and savour. A must-read for everyone interested in the history of this vibrant industry

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