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Saturday 18-Apr-2020 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Venables Theatre
6100 Gala Street, Oliver, BC Phone Number: (250) 498-1626

Event Description

Uzume Taiko celebrates the rhythm of life itself with shows that wow audiences of all ages with its uniquely theatrical blend of music and movement. Using a diverse collection of percussive and melodic instruments as well as taiko drums, Uzume Taiko has developed a dynamic fusion of old and new styles of drumming - bringing a vibrant, contemporary sensibility to an ancient art. With the choreographed physicality of martial arts, the heart-stopping pulse of the O-Daiko and the rhythmic sensitivity of a jazz ensemble, the drummers of Uzume Taiko create an exhilarating experience. ?Part of the Family ShowTime Series Saturday October 5 - Charlotte Diamond and Matt Diamond Friday December 13 - A Christmas Carol with DuffleBag Theatre Friday January 24 - Samajam - Rythmo 2 Friday February 21 - Will's Jams Saturday April 18 - Uzume Taiko? ?TICKETS - $50 for all 5 shows! Single show tickets $12.50

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