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Thursday 12-Sep-2019 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Soul Stones
231 Seymour Street, Kamloops, British Columbia

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A monthly inspirational gathering where the meeting of the holistic minds collaborate for learning. Thriving Holistic Business - A Gathering The Interior Wellness Business Network and the Women's Holistic Business Network are joining to create this inspiring monthly gathering - it's a meeting of holistic minds! ____________________________ THIS GATHERING HAS THREE VALUABLE PARTS 1) Learning: Discover the 5 Steps to a thriving holistic business 2) Networking: Connect with other practitioners, healers and leaders in our community, get support for your journey 3) Mastermind: A guided process to help you break through in your unique business right away. ____________________________ The gathering is FREE ( there will be an opportunity for you to donate to the location if you choose) This event is specifically for • Holistic Practitioners • Spiritual Teachers • Wellness Business Owners If you're in business and you help people heal and the world to be a better place, this gathering is for you! ____________________________________________________ About your Host: Elizabeth Beeds Elizabeth is the leader of • Interior Wellness Magazine • Interior Wellness Festival • Interior Wellness Business Network • Mountain Spirit Festival • Women's Holistic Business Academy • Women's Holistic Business Network • Women's Holistic Business Conference Empowering women to stand in their strength as holistic leaders, Elizabeth Beeds is a mentor and trainer for women in business. Through 25 years as a wellness entrepreneur, she founded Interior Wellness Magazine, Interior Wellness Festival, Mountain Spirit Festival and the Women’s Holistic Business Academy.Extensively trained as a holistic practitioner, Elizabeth has thousands of hours of advanced work in many modalities including Yoga Therapy, massage, herbal healing, Reiki, energy healing, Ayurveda and meditation to name just a few.

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