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Saturday 15-Feb-2020 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM


Penticton Public Library
785 Main Street, Penticton Phone Number: (250) 770-7781

Event Description

Yes - you read correctly. You are cordially invited to an evening of murder, mystery, and mayhem as we turn our library auditorium into a 1:1 scaled recreation of a gigantic clue game board! Become your favourite characters and play your turns to find out who the did the dastardly deed and did away with one of your dining companions. Compete for clues as you creep from room to room and complete quests to solve the secondary mystery of who trapped you in this terrible mansion! This game will be hosted by library staff who, for once as butlers, did not murder anyone. For now. A feast of food and fizzy/non-fizzy drinks will be provided for this free and fun program. Due to the nature of having each teen play a character, Registration will be required and attendance is capped at 20 teens. Registration will open on January 31 at 3:30 pm online on our website - links will be posted in soon! This teen program is free and open to ages 13-18. For more information about teen programs, please call 250-770-7781 ext. 4516. This program was made by teens, for teens, at your local public library.

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