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Saturday 09-Nov-2019 9:00 AM - 12:15 PM


New Life Centre Kelowna
2041 Harvey Avenue, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6G7 Phone Number: (250) 762-4255

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The goal of Sozo ministry is renewing, deepening and strengthening personal connection to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Sozo is an inner-healing/deliverance ministry that is simple, fast, Spirit-led and effective. Sozo finds and resolves issues in minutes thus equipping you to walk in the fullness of your God-given destiny. OUR SPEAKER: Susan Rashotte is the National Director for the Bethel Sozo ministry in Canada. She has been involved in ministry for many years, is part of the leadership team in her church and has a Masters of Theological Studies from the University of Toronto. Her ministry is based out of Peterborough, Ontario. After attending a training session at Bethel, Susan was so impacted that she completed an internship under Teresa and the Sozo team. She witnessed the powerful impact of the Sozo ministry while in Redding and upon returning home immediately developed a team and has seen a steady growth in the ministry in her church, city and province. Susan’s greatest desire is to see people walk in freedom and have a greater connection with the Godhead through their Sozo session. Susan trains, teaches and mentors believers to walk in the fullness of freedom and helps them grow in their spiritual maturity with humility and confidence. She is continuously working to see the Sozo ministry expand beyond its local borders to equip believers to become authentic spiritual leaders that will change cities, provinces, and the nation of Canada. HISTORY OF SOZO MINISTRY In 1997 Randy Clark, a healing evangelist, held meetings at Bethel Church, Redding CA. Randy sent training to Bethel in advance to teach the congregation how to be prayer servants. A small portion of that training was a model of deliverance in which the first tool “The Four Doors” was introduced. Dawna DeSilva, the leader and founder of the Sozo Ministry, attended this training at Bethel. Afterward, Dawna began to use the concept of – The Four Doors – when praying for people. After witnessing a miraculous difference in people’s level of freedom, the Sozo Ministry was birthed. As the Sozo Ministry developed, the Lord introduced other tools that have aided in people being healed and released from the wounds and lies the enemy has used to hold them bound. Since 1998 the Sozo Ministry has been shared with other churches and organizations. The Canada SOZO team is delighted to share these tools at New Life Centre this Fall.

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