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Saturday 28-Jan-2023 10:00 AM


2800 Dunster Road
2800 Dunster Road, Kelowna, BC

Event Description

Rise & Shine Cacao Ceremony
Come meet the spirit of cacao and be guided to explore your inner landscape as we receive this beautiful medicine.
With clear intent, we will welcome the modalities of meditation, movement, chanting, and shamanic journeying.
We will be weaving in the medicine of tobacco for those who choose to receive it.

When: January 28th (10-1pm)
Where: 2800 Dunster Rd in the studio
Investment: $40
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What is a cacao ceremony?
When we work with plant spirit medicine, it's important to understand that the basis is in the pagan-shamanic worldview, but different traditions and lineages perceive the cacao healing work in different perspectives. We will pray with the medicine with guidelines given by the Maya Quiche elders to Caroline.
This particular circle will focus on our relationship with Pachamama and all the reins that cohabit in her body. We will also pray for inner awareness from a decolonial perspective, weaving ancestral knowledge to our physical life.
Sacred space will be open for you to deepen your relationship with your heart, spirit self, mediumship, intuition and communication with spirit guides from the astral. We will prioritize space and attention to body, emotional and mental awareness since sacred cacao is a plant that amplifies our sensations and helps us to digest, nourish or transform energies.
Tobacco Medicine
The spiritual work with tobacco medicine is extremely ancient and profound. Several spiritual lineages work with this powerful plant to communicate with the realms beyond matter, as well as strengthen the body's relationship with the earth.
During the ceremony, you will receive a blessing from tobacco smoke, a practice learned by Caroline within the Sacred Umbanda Lines. You can also pray with tobacco and offer it to the earth or fire, depending on the intention of your prayer. During the ceremony you will receive instructions on how to proceed.
Unfortunately, tobacco, like hundreds of plants, has been commercialized and harmed by society. However, Tobacco used for spiritual purposes has no connection whatsoever with cigarettes sold in stores. Tobacco is a gateway to the spiritual world and treated with respect for its force. It is ceremonially treated as a guide from planting the seed to final prayers and consecration.
What to Expect:
- guided shamanic journey
- ceremonial grade cacao elixer
- fire ceremony
- journal prompts
- sound healing
- song sharing
- somatic movemen
t - space to be and recieve the medicine
- community and connection
- sacred play
We will be serving ceremonial grade cacao from Lava Love Cacao sourced from Guatamala. Cacao beans are naturally high in several minerals, especially manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and zinc. In addition to minerals, cocoa also contains some caffeine and theobromine.
There are some contraindications when drinking cacao, if you are on anti depressents please message to discuss if Cacao is right for you.
We will gather on the unceded traditional territory of the Syilx Nation. We recognize that we are settlers on this land and that we continue to benefit from the colonization that is still occurring today.
We pray that our work helps to nourish reciprocity and right relationship with all of Mother Earth's creations.
Caroline has been initiated in working with the spirt of cacao by the Maya Quiche elders and is passionate about sharing her love and the medicine of cacao with others.
Colleen is a full mesa carrier and practices the shamanic arts, a methodology and global tradition that is anchored in building connections with the spirits of the land, the stars, our ancestors and the divine light found in the unstuck place at the centre of the centre of the heart.
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