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Thursday 21-Mar-2019 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM


Tandava Yoga Kelowna
3275 Lakeshore Rd # 300 Phone Number: (778) 484-2255

Event Description

With the Reiki Level I empowerment, you will learn an intuitive, natural and powerful tool to help work on yourself and others. Reiki provides you with the necessary energy and strength to face your own imbalances and work through resistances along your journey. After your attunement, you will be able to connect to Reiki with intent, using your hands, and the energy will flow. The focus is on your own healing journey with a strong emphasis on self-Reiki treatment. It is by first healing yourself that you can truly contribute to this world. You receive the Level 1 empowerment by learning: - The history of Usui Mikao's teachings - Practicing a full self-treatment - Learning the hand positions to give a complete Reiki treatment - Practice giving a complete Reiki treatment with another individual - Discussing the possibility of a 21-day cleanse - Exploring the five Reiki principles created by Dr. Usui In this Reiki training, you will become initiated into the system of Reiki. There is no pre-requisite. Beginners to experienced energetic practitioners are welcomed. You are empowered and learn a solid foundation to practice Reiki for life. At the end of the training, each student receives their own complete Reiki manual which includes all of Reiki Level I information. Each student will also receive a Usui Reiki Level I Certificate. Level 1: $300+tax

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