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Friday 22-Mar-2019 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM


The Happyness Center
242 Victoria Street #203

Event Description

This is the 5 module in our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. You can participate in one or more of the modules. More information can be found here: Students will learn about Pranayama (regulated breathing), breathing and relaxation techniques like intention, visualization, and mantra recitation. Students will gain knowledge of the western view of sleep in comparison to the yogic view of sleep. Students will be familiar with the relationship between yoga nidra, sleep, dreams and meditation. Students will know the ten steps of yoga nidra. Students will learn about the chakras and how the chakras apply to the endocrine glands. Students will gain knowledge of the relation of the body, breath, mind, and emotions. You will have some applied knowledge of movement or asana, pranayama, Dharana, mantra, meditation, journaling and group work.

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