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Wednesday 01-Apr-2020 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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Kelowna Phone Number: (250) 469-1099

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Welcome to Level 1 Reiki $150.00 Reiki I Training Suggested class time: 8 hours Universal Life Force Energy Smudging (optional). What is Reiki How Reiki Works 7 Main Chakras Pendulum Reiki History - Masters The 5 Principles Preparation for 1st Degree Anatomic Illustrations a) Endocrine System (b) Major Body Organs (c) Lymphatic System Self Treatment Preparing to Treat Others Rapid Reiki Treatment Group Treatment Pregnancy, Babies & Children Comfort the Dying, Hospital Sessions or Hospice Final Thoughts a) distance attunement Closing Mediation and Prayer from Teacher b) 2 people, pets or plants worked on with an email and picture verification c) PDF Certificate © Root Chakra Reiki Training Academy January 2020 Spiritual Director will be online Between 6-9 PM for chat and questions.

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