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Monday 30-Mar-2020 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM


Nobel Wellness Studio
4160 Noble Rd, Armstrong, BC

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Drop in $15 Mondays 1-215pm * series available on website Mama & Baby Yoga classes provide a wonderful opportunity to bond with your baby and make new friends in your own community while you regain your strength, flexibility and a sense of calm. The classes also help increase your over-all endurance, improve posture, reduce back tension /discomfort, and build core strength and stability (including abdominals). In class, you will learn yoga poses that you can practice at home with your wee one to help reduce anxiety and stress for both of you, including short baby massages and tension release for mama. The focus of the practice is breathing techniques and strength building movements, specifically tailored for new mamas. How soon can you start? For Mama & Baby Yoga - its a good idea to wait for 8 weeks after the delivery of your baby before attending class. If you had a caesarian delivery or complications at birth, check with your Doctor first, as you may need to wait up to 10 weeks for the go-ahead. Previous yoga experience is not necessary to enjoy the benefits of the Mama-Baby classes, and many women who have practiced yoga before will find these classes are a great way to transition back to their pre-pregnancy practice. Through the class, Mamas will have the option of either involving their baby in the poses, holding them, or having their baby close beside them on their blanket. There are no set expectations in this class - be prepared that babies will behave in an unpredictable way! Some babies will sleep for the whole class, or may fuss or cry; others may want to breastfeed or bottle feed, and others are curious to see and hear the other babies around them. It is perfectly acceptable to stop when you need to and just rejoin the movements when it is possible and comfortable to do so. This yoga practice celebrates truly welcoming the babies just as they are; learning to cultivate body awareness, and practicing breathe work instead of tension and worry

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