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Friday 15-Nov-2019 (More Dates)


Central Okanagan Sailing Association
4220 Hobson Road, Kelowna

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65 Hour Teacher Training November 1-3 & 15-17, 2019 Immerse Yourself in the Healing and Rejuvenating Practice of Yoga Nidra We all know stress and its effect on overall wellness is a growing issue. Some stress is natural and good for us. However, when stress begins to undermine our mental and physical health, it is no longer good. While there’s no way to completely eradicate stress, we can equip you with tools to help you combat its effects through the ancient practice of Mindful Rest Yoga Nidra.

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Available Dates:

Friday 15-Nov-2019
Saturday 16-Nov-2019
Sunday 17-Nov-2019
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