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Friday 14-Jun-2019 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Milkcrate Records
1551 Ellis St, Kelowna

Event Description

Come out and see some bands coming up from Victoria! $10 Doors at 6:30 and tunes at 7:00 The Bands: Kyoto Banana Star (Indie Rock/Pop) BONDING OVER A MUTUAL DISLIKE OF THE SONG 'RIPTIDE', JET, LUIS, JORGE, KAI AND NIMA ARE ALL ABOUT MAKING SAD MUSIC YOU CAN DANCE TO. ALL WITH VERY DIFFERENT INFLUENCES AND PREFERENCES, THEIR MUSIC REFLECTS THIS THROUGH ECLECTIC EXPERIMENTATION WHILE MAINTAINING A FUN AND EASY TO LISTEN TO ATTITUDE. THEY WILL PLAY BAT MITZVAHS. Whollum (Noise/Psych-Pop) Whollum are a group of people who grew up in Salmon Arm. Whollum are a group of people who are going to blow your mind. Whollum are a group of people who play music. Belview (Bedroom Pop) Currently working on some LOUD music. ALL AGES DONT BE A DINGUS

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