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Tuesday 21-Mar-2023 (More Dates)

Event Description

Event Description We’re giving every senior in long-term care in the province the chance to have a visitor and a voice. Volunteer to brighten their days, listen to their stories, and give back to your community. You will be trained to conduct an in-person, standardized interview with the residents about their quality of life. Questions cover topics including food and meals, privacy, safety, staff responsiveness, visits with family and friends, activities, and more. This is a chance to see inside long-term care, brighten the lives of your local seniors, and know that you’ve been part of improving the future of long-term care in BC. We ask for a minimum commitment of 40 hours over the course of 6-8 weeks, inclusive of training. Volunteer shifts are typically daytimes on weekdays. All of our training takes place online/virtually, after which surveyors are deployed to local long-term care facilities.

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Tuesday 21-Mar-2023
Wednesday 22-Mar-2023
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