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Sunday 09-May-2021 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM


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Put a HOLD on 2021 and restore your energy with powerful breathing techniques. It’s a challenging time, and it’s daunting to find the energy to even THINK about enhancing your personal growth. Inner peace sounds like a fleeting thought - and it’s no wonder! The amount of uncertainty we’ve faced in 2020 has been say the least ?? ?? ?? Experiencing Stress? Anxiety? Worries? Health Issues? In search of Unconditional Happiness? Now, more than ever, it’s time to reclaim your energy and put yourself first. That’s right! Our workshop offers a much-needed 75 minute break. You’ll get to clear your mind and experience deep relaxation through calming breathing and meditation techniques. It’s what you’ve been waiting for - all. year. long. Why Practice breathwork? Think about it.. What’s the very first act of life? Breathing in... What’s the very last act of life? Breathing out... And everything that happens in between is what we call LIFE... Although we do it all the time, the truth is that humans have forgotten how to breathe correctly! But we’ve got a secret for you: Your Breath is Your Brain’s Remote Control. Every thought >> is connected to an emotion. And every emotion >> is connected to a very specific breath pattern. When you’re angry, your breath accelerates. (Remember that time your boss yelled at you for no reason? Or when you got into an argument with your partner? ??) When you’re happy, your breath is long and deep. (Like when you’re in love ??) So here’s the LIFE HACK: Conscious breathwork allows you to have a say over your emotions. If you’re caught up in a pattern of endless looping thoughts, you’re probably also tired, anxious and stressed out. Your mind deserves a break, and your breath can deliver that! This is the perfect moment to finally take that much-needed time out for yourself. Our Happiness Hour will reconnect you with the power of your breath. You’ll discover how to harness its magic to create positive change in your emotional and physical wellbeing.

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