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Friday 17-Jan-2020 7:00 PM - 11:30 PM


Vibes Bar & Grill
509 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, British Columbia Phone Number: (250) 862-8621

Event Description

Punks not Dead! It's just playing ACOUSTIC! GREG REKUS is THE Great Canadian Acoustic Punk artist from Winnipeg Manitoba. A true icon that travels this country coast to coast, with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a box for stompin', and he always leaves the audience wanting more. SKIDLEY BONES is the powerful frontman behind legendary Kelowna punk band the Hippiecritz and the powerhouse Crowd the Joanna. He'll be playing a stripped down set that you wont want to miss. GROTOKO is a folly badass from Central Canada! TWIN are a couple of badass legends from the depths of the oak again valley. ESCAPE GOAT is the folk-punk-band-equivalent of a person you would sleep with because they're funny, and they have a good personality once you get to know them. $10 at the door Doors at 7:00 Music starts at 7:30 At Vibes Bar & Grill (Formerly the Grateful Fed)

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