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Saturday 18-Sep-2021 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM


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About this event Give your little budding artist at home a chance to set their minds free. Let them explore and enjoy art with us at our online art class for kids. Join us in this fun-filled workshop to enjoy art online and spend some time together as a family. Learn while being a part of your little one’s creative universe. Acquire a new art skill and sign up for a free online art workshop from Nimmy's Art. Learn from an award-winning and professional artist Nimmy Melvin in this online art class. Recommended for kids 5 - 12 years. Parents, grandparents, friends and siblings are welcome! FREE Online Art Workshop 1.5 hour art lesson where you will draw and color No experience required - Beginners are welcome Open to age group 5 - 12yrs: Specially curated project that can be learned and followed by kids Oil pastel drawing Step by Step instructions What you will need: Sketch book / Construction paper / Any plain paper Oil pastels Pencil Eraser Sharpie (optional) What you will learn: In this online live class, you will receive step by step instructions to identify the shapes in the subject, draw the basic structure, add the details of the subject to complete the drawing, and apply oil pastel colors. Class format: The live online class is a group event on zoom. About Nimmy's Art Nimmy's Art mission is to share our experience and knowledge in visual arts with budding talents. Our Art Instructor and Founder, Nimmy Melvin, is an award-winning artist & an International Art Tutor. We offer online live art classes for kids of different age groups. We follow a Fine art-focused study approach and have designed a syllabus focusing on different age groups, enhancing their creative and artistic skills. We are offering art classes in wide-ranging mediums: pencil sketching, watercolor, acrylic, Prisma colors, charcoal drawing, gouache painting and oil pastels. To enroll in our monthly art classes - Learn from our art class library - We love seeing what you make, so please do share your artwork! Parents can submit their kid's artworks in our engaging online community - Remember to tag us on Instagram or Facebook to feature your kid's artwork in our channels and I will comment on it. @nimmysart #nimmysart #artclassesatnimmysart Follow us here Art Blogs | Free Tutorial Videos | Instagram | Facebook New to art? JUST ST[art]®

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