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Friday 22-Nov-2019 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Venables Theatre
6100 Gala Street, Oliver, BC Phone Number: (250) 498-1626

Event Description

EAGLE EYES- The music of our lives coming at last. Eagle Eyes is considered one of North America’s greatest Eagles tribute bands. Eagle Eyes has taken great care and dedication in recreating the harmonies and capturing the LIVE true magic within the harmonies that The Eagles are renowned for. Up from Southern Vancouver Island, the four members of Eagle Eyes have over 120 years of combined experience as professional touring musicians, honing their musical and vocal skills. Eagle Eyes audiences are being captivated by the bands live performances and natural vocal harmonies, not to mention the music. This band's love for Eagles songs helps them to construct and finesse their ongoing sold-out performances! Crossing over from classic rock to country rock with an extensive repertoire of Eagles hits, Eagle Eyes is a must see for Eagles fans! The band members sent a message to us Valley folk: "Playing Oliver is like a home gig to us so we are gonna Take It To The Limit...all night long....oh boy this is going to be great". TICKETS- $43 Presented by OM Oliver Music & Entertainment and Mur-Man Productions

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