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Friday 14-Feb-2020 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM


Rustic Reel Brewing Co.
760 Vaughan Avenue, Kelowna, British Columbia Phone Number: (250) 862-3737

Event Description

Looking for a cozy place to have your Valentine’s Day meal? We’ve got you, and your kids, covered! Join us for a 3-course Chef-inspired lunch or dinner, paired with 3 10oz craft beers. Our community room will be set up with cozy blankets and pillows for your little ones to enjoy and movie and dinner while you get some “alone” time! Book ahead of time to reserve a spot, or just come on down! Lunch: $60/couple Dinner: $100/couple Kids’ Edition: $15 (*2pm-8pm) Menus Lunch Course #1 paired with Blonde Ale Drunk Dunk Pot Miso hop Broth, prawns, steak, mushrooms, zucchini, tomato croquettes Blond Goat Fondue, jalapeño corn bread, crackers, strawberries, beer soaked dates, smoked figs Course #2 paired with Hazy IPA Reel Hot Love Pot Scallops, shrimp, smoked trout, bell peppers, wilted Arugula, grape tomatoes, hazy prawn bisque, fried rice croquettes, basil, hazy focaccia bread Course #3 paired with Gingerbread Ale Messy Pudding Pot Gingerbread caramel pudding, hip and brown sugar brûlée, frost bitten coconut cream, gingerbread and chocolate spoons Dinner Course #1 paired with Hazy IPA Hazy IPA Bowl & F.O. Pot Thai Red Curry with Citrus Farro and Naan Bread Course #2 paired with Amber Ale Amber Ale Skillet Brisket Bolognese with fettuccine, garlic focaccia, Parmesan Course #3 paired with Porter Porter Mousse Mocha mousse, chocolate espresso beans, shaved chocolate, vanilla cream

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