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Saturday 24-Aug-2019 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Tandava Yoga Kelowna
3275 Lakeshore Rd # 300 Phone Number: (778) 484-2255

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Join us for this transformative workshop and breathwork journey and restore grace and ease when you discover the number one skill to turn your projections, blame and judgement into your biggest attainments. When you know how to use them, all challenges become doorways to richer understanding, awakening and growth. The human condition is to get lost in the painful situations and become stuck in a loop of struggle, trying to redefine who we are and why it's happening. We may understand our outer world is a reflection of our inner world but unless the challenges are small, or we have the necessary tools and support, it can be difficult to turn towards, understand and embrace that which we most judge, resist and feel trapped in. All answers are created the moment the problem comes into existence. Join us to learn how to reframe your story, restore clarity and reclaim truth. ? Change your story, change your life. ? In this workshop you will learn a simple, yet profound, tool to extract deeper understanding and truth within any life obstacle you face or have faced. We don't need years of counseling in order to let our past go - we just need to take some time in the now, master the right tools and be willing to inquire into truth. The events we face are intended to create an opportunity for us to remember who we really are, remember our purpose and to thrive instead of just survive. Expect to leave this transformative workshop and breathwork journey: ~ Empowered with the ability to transform any obstacle you face and come out the other side knowing a deeper level of truth about you and the situation. ~Being able to join in relationship even when you think you aren't on the same page. ~Equipped with tools that bring new levels of clarity and grace whenever you feel stuck or trapped. ~Feeling greater freedom from your old, worn out stories and reactive patterns. ~Feeling truly empowered and alive in ways you never thought possible. Saturday, August 24 3 - 7pm $45 +tax What you need to know/bring: ~Bring your honesty and deep desire for transformation. ~Bring a journal as we will be doing some writing. ~We will be integrating and closing with a conscious, connected, breathwork session. ~Bring layers or a blanket for the breathwork ~Don't forget your water bottle.

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