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Saturday 15-Feb-2020 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Tandava Yoga Kelowna
3275 Lakeshore Rd # 300 Phone Number: (778) 484-2255

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Cacao Ceremony Saturday, February 15 7 - 9pm $40 +tax Kindly PRE-Register for this event. Please see the Pre-Ceremony preparations. Spread out the love this Valentines weekend, nourish your heart and soul with the sweet medicine of cacao. This event is for the spiritual couple or the solo sweetheart. Join ceremonialist, Colleen Reid for a blissful evening of cacao ceremony and connectivity. As we sip cacao feel your heart expanding and experience a deeper intimacy to self, your partner, and the Earth Mother. You will be guided through the evening by the heart-opening practices of sound medicine, movement, breath, visualization and more. Cacao is a heart medicine that assists in opening this energy center and tuning into the expression of love. By infusing the cacao with intention before we drink it, we give it permission to carry us on a journey to the heart. We will be using Ceremonial grade, raw, fairtrade Cacao, chocolate and it's purest form, from Guatemala. Cacao in its raw and natural state contains over 300 compounds and the bliss chemicals anandamide, phenylethylamine and theobromine. These are the naturally released chemicals that we feel when we fall in love. Let Valentine's Day be a ceremony of love this year. Join us to experience this sweet medicine. Pre-Ceremony Preparations: -Wear something comfortable. -Eat a light dinner before the ceremony, you will have a more potent experience this way. -Drink Lots of water during and after the ceremony. Cacao is a diuretic and without proper hydration, headaches can occur -Avoid coffee at least 4 prior to the ceremony. -Have a quiet evening afterwards as some individuals experience an emotional and physical detox. -Feel free to bring something to place on the altar to be charged with the energy of cacao. Contraindications: If you are experiencing major health issues or are taking large amounts of antidepressants please contact me to discuss whether cacao is right for you. Please Bring: A journal and pen A water bottle Colleen's Bio: Colleen Reid is a wild woman, ceremonialist, lightworker and mother. She is the founder and director of SHE is WILD Wellness Fest and Wild Wellness. Her soul's calling is to liberate the over domesticated woman and man from societal restraints and self-limiting beliefs, so that they are free to live a soul guided life. She practices the shamanic arts and infuses the teaching of nature into her daily life. The wildest of places, on the tops of mountains or the rawness of west coast, is where she feels most at home

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