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Saturday 18-Jan-2020 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM


Tandava Yoga Kelowna
3275 Lakeshore Rd # 300 Phone Number: (778) 484-2255

Event Description

Alchemy Flow Movement + Yoga Explore silky smooth transitions, animal and mobility flow, animal locomotion and more in this dynamic and challenging workshop. Shift your movement from linear to 3D and watch the transformation in your life off the mat as you embrace new movement patterns and rewire your brain to perceive, respond and move in non-linear ways. $35 ~ Please direct any questions to Register through Please contact Tandava for a discounted rate of $60 for both Breathwork Basics and Alchemy Flow Movement + Yoga! Jeffrey C. Sorensen will guide us through this workshop. Jeff has trained as a 500 hr Hatha/Vinyasa teacher with Yandara Yoga Institute and Nai’a Life. Jeff has also trained in mobility, movement arts and animal locomotion with Nai’a Life. Jeff is founder of breathARMY and teaches a wide variety of breath modalities including the Wim Hof Method, classical pranayama, advanced kundalini pranayamas and conscious connected breathing techniques. Jeff deeply embodies the practices he teaches. His passion is to share these modalities with others to inspire deep transformation. Jeff also works as a Paramedic for the British Columbia Ambulance Service.

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