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Saturday 11-Apr-2020 9:00 PM


Doc Willoughby's Downtown Pub
353 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna Phone Number: (250) 868-8288

Event Description

BL00M’s video release show for their single “Autopilot” . Up and coming band BL00M is a Pop/Punk/Alternative band from Kelowna BC Canada formed by Jenna Johnson (Vocals) and Alexis Artiga ( Guitar & Vocals). Newly joined Apollo(Bass) and Devin Corbach (Drums ). Creating influential music with their catchy hooks and heavy break downs, BL00M shows they have a diverse sound that appeals to a wide variety of listeners. BL00M's first EP "Hopless Souls" will bring you on a ride of emotions with songs like "Lights Out", "A Year Ago" and "Run". With guests Early Work An energetic band from Pop-punk from Kelowna BC When they’re not playing music, they’re probably working their dailies, hiking with their doggos, or together telling immature, racy jokes around a bonfire. Early Work continue avidly to pioneer Glad Boy Pop Punk? and create their unique brand of ?BC Punk Songs “The up and coming band have secured a comfortable spot the blooming roster of desired punk acts after a short year and a half together — and can often be found ripping the Fernando’s Stage alongside other punk-influenced groups. -Kelowna Now” Up Periscope A three piece punk/hard rock band from Kelowna, B.C., Canada. Up Periscope has played locally, and toured parts of B.C. since 2015. All three members coming from slightly different musical tastes and backgrounds have come together to fuse their talents into a raw, headbanging, edgy punk rock band. People who love the late 90's early 00's punk will really be into Up Periscope's sound. U.P.'s single "Discoloured" is available on most streaming platforms and on Bandcamp for digital download.

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