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Friday 16-Aug-2019 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM


East Kelowna Hall
1-2704 East Kelowna Road Phone Number: (250) 860-2746

Event Description

After a thrilling show on June 15, Big West returns to East Kelowna Hall on August 16, in what is sure to be another CRAZY night! FOR THE BIG WEST TELEVISION TITLE: Ace Redmann Junior (c) vs. Chucky Lee Ray — Chucky was riding an impressive win-streak heading into East Kelowna on June 15, when Ace snuck into a title match with Davey Deals and ruined everything. Now Chucky gets a chance to become a two-time Big West Television Champion, as he invokes his rematch clause...but Ace isn't giving the title up without a fight! TAG TEAM MATCH: Matt XStatic Fan Page & Michael More vs. Miles Deville & Sebastian Wolfe ----- The new "State of Emergency" faction of Deville, Wolfe and Matt Bronson have wreaked havoc in Big West in just a short matter of time; but now Big West management has had a moment to take a deep breath, regroup...and fight fire with fire, with two of the province's best. More is back from injury and itching to fight some punk kids talking tough, and XStatic is looking to remind the Okanagan just how awesome he is. This match has the potential to steal the show, folks. HEAVYWEIGHT BATTLE: "Your Spiritual Advisor" Davey Deals vs. MAD DOG Marty Sugar ----- Sugar got a measure of revenge on his former manager and confidant, Ryan Orion, when he speared the Constellation Sensation through a table on June 15...putting Orion on the shelf indefinitely. That one move sent ripples throughout the rest of the show, however, as Deals was without Orion in his corner for his Television Title Match with Chucky Lee Ray; a match that inexplicably saw Ace Redmann, Jr. not only interject himself...but become the new Champion. Deals is out for revenge, and he plans to realign his own chakras...while simultaneously rearranging Sugar's rugged good looks! INTERGENDER GRUDGE MATCH: "That Guy" Danni Deeds vs. Rylee ----- At the 60th Annual Rutland May Days, Deeds got into several altercations with Rylee, leading to a triple-threat match that ultimately saw Rylee co-pin what would end up costing Danni his third reign as Big West Television Champion. Now that Deeds has secured a measure of revenge against Marty Sugar (the man he held primarily responsible for his no longer being champion), he's out to get revenge on everyone else involved; but can the rookie Rylee spoil his That Guy's plans, and his East Kelowna winning streak? NON-TITLE MATCH: Camaro Cope vs. Matt Bronson ----- Matt Bronson debuted in East Kelowna on June 15, with a win over fellow trainee, Draven Andrews...but Bronson wasn't done, as he interjected himself in the big six-man Main Event, laying out both Michael More and the Thrash Wrestling Champion, Camaro Cope! Cope has never been one to back down from a fight, and has DEMANDED this match happen. Who are we to say no to such a slugfest? OPENING CONTEST: Braydon "Blonde Bomber" Goss vs. Draven Andrews vs. Jayce D'Arcy vs. Todd Quality ----- Goss went all out on July 13 at Westside Daze to win the 2019 Okanagan Cup tournament; now he's in tough against three other talented men. D'Arcy has been a wrecking ball in 2019, leaving bodies laying everywhere he goes; and Andrews has shown real fire and determination in his rookie year. Plus Quality has something to prove, after he missed the Cup due to a medical emergency. This fatal four-way will definitely kick off the show with a bang! ADVANCE TICKETS ONLY $10! *** Tickets will be $12 at the door, or "3 for $30" *** Players Choice Sportscards & Collectibles (470 Cawston) Kelowna Barber Shop (2650 Pandosy) or contact us via email: *card subject to change*

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