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Saturday 24-Aug-2019 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Tinhorn Creek
537 Tinhorn Creek Road Phone Number: (888) 484-6467

Event Description

Kick off your shoes and dance with us! Enjoy some of Canada's top musical talent while sipping award-winning wines and taking in the spectacular views of the southern Okanagan Valley from our amphitheatre. More info, Concert tickets and Shuttle tickets available on our website and from the winery. "Under front-man Julian Taylor’s direction, the band consistently delivers soulful performances and strives to re-contextualize “soul music,” not as another genre that can be put into a box defined by racial precedent or sound requirements, but as a medium that truly speaks to the soul. The result is solid, unabashedly positive performances of soul, rock and R&B fusion - or rather, a form of modern rhythm and blues infused with rock ‘n’ roll".

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