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Sunday 08-Sep-2019 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Akashic Ranch and The Crystals & Curiosities Cabins
4032 Campbell Range Rd, Kamloops, BC Phone Number: (778) 558-2832

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Join us at Akashic Ranch for a one day open house featuring Quantum Healings and Readings with Natasha Rosewood! Whether you attended our Saturday September 7th workshop What's Your Story - A Quantum Healing with Natasha Rosewood and have or would like to book a Quantum Healing or Reading with Natasha, The Crystals & Curiosities Cabin will be open to the public from 10am until 5pm for your browsing pleasure. ?If you'd like to pre-book a Quantum Healing or Reading with Natasha you can reach her at: Private psychic readings - $100.00 for 30 minutes Quantum Healing sessions- 2 hours $299.00 (discount $50.00 if you attended the talk) Please book your private session directly with Natasha at: Phone: 778-558-2832 or Email: What is the Private Quantum Healing process? The first part of this two hour process, we assess which past events in your life story still give you an emotional "hangover." In the second part, we explore which reality you would now prefer to create. Finally, while you relax into a healing meditation/visualization, Natasha guides you in releasing the old subconscious programming and inputting new beliefs of your choice. You are then in a higher frequency and free to step into your new story. In the private sessions, you will be given a personally guided meditation to listen to as you sleep for 21 days, so that you can embed your new subconscious beliefs and become the happier, healthier and wealthier you! Interested in a reading? Using her amazing psychic ability, palmistry and Oracle cards, Natasha is able to tune into what may be holding you back in your past from a beautiful, joyous future. We are all more amazing than we know and Natasha will help you identify who you really are and who you can become! ? ?Date: September 8, 2019 Location: Akashic Ranch - direction and maps found at or The Crystals & Curiosities Cabin Facebook page. Cabin store open to the public from 10:00am to 5:00pm, FREE to visit! Psychic Readings with Natasha from 10am to 5pm (Paid for separately upon booking with Natasha).

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