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  • Pipeline developer charged over systematic contamination

    The corporate developer of a multi-billion-dollar pipeline system that takes natural gas liquids from the Marcellus Shale gas field to an export terminal near Philadelphia was charged criminally on Tuesday after a grand jury concluded that it flouted Pennsylvania environmental laws and fouled waterways and residential water supplies across hundreds of miles.
  • Tenacious Belgium immigrant pioneered Canada's mussel industry in the 1970s

    CHARLOTTETOWN - When Joe Van Den Bremt first floated the idea of producing cultured mussels on P.E.I. in the 1970s, the local fishermen laughed at him.
  • Ida's sweltering aftermath: No power, no water, no gasoline

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Hundreds of thousands of Louisianans sweltered in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida on Tuesday with no electricity, no tap water, precious little gasoline and no clear idea of when things might improve.
  • Trucks stack up at Canada-U.S. border as CBSA guards start work-to-rule campaign

    WASHINGTON - Long lines of semi-trailer trucks snaked away from the Canada-U.S. frontier Friday as a work-to-rule campaign by border agents slowed traffic to a crawl and marathon negotiations stretched through the day, with plans to ease COVID-19 restrictions now just a weekend away.
  • British navy group: Hijackers have left vessel off UAE coast

    FUJAIRAH, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The hijackers who captured a vessel off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in the Gulf of Oman departed the targeted ship on Wednesday, the British navy reported, as recorded radio traffic appeared to reveal a crew member onboard saying Iranian gunmen had stormed the asphalt tanker.
  • British navy group: 'Potential hijack' of ship off UAE coast

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The British navy warned of a “potential hijack” of a ship off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in the Gulf of Oman on Tuesday, though the circumstances remained unclear.
  • Severe wildfires could affect community watersheds, says forest service researcher

    VANCOUVER - There is more to learn about the consequences of intensifying wildfires on community watersheds across Canada, but a large, severe fire followed by heavy precipitation could seriously affect drinking water, says a wildfire research scientist with the Canadian Forest Service.
  • Chinese crewed spaceship docks with new space station

    JIUQUAN, China (AP) — State media say a Chinese spaceship carrying a three-person crew has docked with the country's new space station at the start of 3-month mission. The Shenzhou-12 craft connected with the Tianhe space station module about six hours after takeoff Thursday. The crew will carry out experiments, test equipment, conduct maintenance and prepare the station for receiving two laboratory modules next year.
  • Mortgage stress tests set to tighten in wake of Bank of Canada warnings

    OTTAWA - Canadians looking to buy homes will face stiffer mortgage tests in a few days as the federal government and a national regulator tighten rules in the wake of new warnings from the central bank that households are piling on too much debt.
  • Impact of devastating Indian virus surge spreads to politics

    NEW DELHI - As a catastrophic surge of the coronavirus sweeps through India, the leaders of 13 opposition parties urged the government to launch a free vaccination drive and ensure an uninterrupted flow of oxygen to all hospitals.

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