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Squirts Contracting Ltd

Squirts Contracting Ltd
Kamloops, BC
No matter how big or small your water needs, we guarantee we have what it takes to deliver general use water. We deliver water throughout the entire Kamloops region.

Squirts Contracting uses a 4,000-gallon water truck available for hire whether water delivery or spraying, we can take care of all your water hauling needs. We can assist with dust control, landscape projects, mining drilling operations, lot cleaning, fire fighting, and hot tub or swimming pool fills!
Products & Services Offered
  • dust control services
  • fire fighting
  • landscape water
  • landscape water features
  • road construction spraying
  • road construction water
  • road spraying
  • water delivery
  • water delivery service
  • water tanker
  • water truck
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Dust Control * Water Spraying * Water Hauling * Fire Fighting * Proudly Serving the Kamloops Region For Over 10 Years * * Payment Methods Accepted: Cash/Visa/Cheque
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