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Pest Detective

Pest Detective
Penticton, BC
Whether you have an ant problem, a wasp nest, spiders are in and around your home or any other pest problem, you can rest assured knowing that our local team of experts will handle the problem quickly and efficiently.

Because we care about our beautiful natural environment in Penticton just like you, The Pest Detective proudly uses environmentally-friendly, non-toxic methods.

Don't forget that we have a 24-hour phone line available for you to request free estimates for our services.
Products & Services Offered
  • ant removal
  • bat removal
  • bed bug control
  • black widow spider removal
  • carpenter ant removal
  • cockroaches
  • fleas\flickers
  • get rid of marmots
  • moles
  • moth removal
  • pigeon removal
  • raccoon removal
  • rat control
  • rodent removal
  • skunk removal
  • spider removal
  • termites
  • wasp nest removal
  • woodpeckers
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