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Integra Tire Auto Centre

Integra Tire Auto Centre
9305 Jubilee Rd,
Summerland, BC
Tires with Integrity.

At Integra Tire and Auto Centre, we believe safety starts where your vehicle meets the road – your tires! Tires are, arguably, one of the most important aspects of your vehicle as they’re the only part of your vehicle that makes contact with the road. They can affect your vehicles performance, handling, fuel efficiency, and other important factors.

Because your tires are so important, it is key that you maintain them. First and foremost, it is a good idea to do regular checks on your tire pressure and ensure that your tires are properly inflated. You can find your vehicle’s specs for PSI in the manual, door placard, or sometimes online. Another good practice is to have your tires rotated yearly- this will ensure even wear. This is also a great time to inspect for any cuts and irregular wear.

Another tip is to know when you need new tires for your vehicles application! For example, although all-season tires may perform in all weather, they do not perform to the same standard as winter tires on ice and deep snow. You should also regularly inspect your tread with a tread depth measurement tool. When you get near 4/32? to 3/32? of tread left- look at replacing your tires soon.

What is integraty?

There’s a force behind everything we do. It’s about showing pride in our work and being accountable to our customers. It’s achieving what we set out to accomplish and always striving to improve the customer experience—from start to finish. It’s about making our community a better place to live in. It’s about building real, honest relationships with our customers and never compromising on our values. It’s what sets us apart as a company and brings us all together as a family. We call it Integraty—our endless pursuit of excellence, every day for every customer.

What we believe.

Rather than referring to our pursuit of Integraty as a list of “values”, we live by principles – every day. All of our dealers believe in the following:

1) Integrity in everything you do!

We believe Integrity matters and will always matter. It drives everything we do, no exceptions. This means being honest, fair, and respectful in our dealings with customers, team members, and the community.

2) Show Accountability and Pride

Accountability means achieving what you set out to. Our team members strive to be accountable and show pride in their work, and the fact that they’re directly responsible for their own success.

3) Deliver the “Integra” experience every visit.

Integraty means going above and beyond customer service! From start to finish, our customers expect an experience, and it is every team member’s responsibility to deliver. No matter how far removed you are from the actual customer, you are on stage delivering an experience!

4) Strive for improvement.

Always strive to improve yourself and the way you do things. Don’t be afraid to innovate and see things from outside the box. This is how we build opportunities.

5) Never compromise your values.

Consistency is key in all we do! We strive to never compromise on what we believe, our professionalism, or our dedication to integraty. What’s right isn’t always what is easy.

6) Give back and spread some integraty.

We believe that if you’re passionate about something you should share it! Spreading Integraty is about giving back! We aim to spread our values with our community, our co-workers, friends, and family.
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