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CANGUARD Pest Solutions

CANGUARD Pest Solutions
Penticton, BC
CanGuard Pest Solutions offers a wide variety of services. For commercial and residential.

Pest Control: We can solve any pest issues that you have in or around your house (snakes, skunks and partners are not pests).

Washroom Care Services: Air fresheners, urinal maintenance and feminine hygiene bins.

Drain maintenance and exclusion work for mice, rats, bats, and birds.

We also offer pest home inspections and termite treatment and pretreatment for all new and existing structures. Protect your biggest investment and know before you buy.
Products & Services Offered
  • ant removal
  • bat removal
  • bed bug control
  • bed bug removal
  • black widow spider removal
  • bug control
  • bug inspection
  • carpenter ant removal
  • cockroach removal
  • commercial pest control
  • deer mice removal
  • flickers
  • get rid of ants
  • get rid of bats
  • get rid of bed bugs
  • get rid of black widow spiders
  • get rid of carpenter ants
  • get rid of cockroaches
  • get rid of deer mice
  • get rid of marmots
  • get rid of mice
  • get rid of moths
  • get rid of pack rats
  • get rid of pigeons
  • get rid of raccoons
  • get rid of rats
  • get rid of rodents
  • get rid of roof rats
  • get rid of spiders
  • get rid of termites
  • get rid of wasp nest
  • get rid of wasps
  • industrial pest control
  • marmot removal
  • mice removal
  • millipede control
  • moth removal
  • mouse removal
  • pack rat removal
  • pigeon removal
  • raccoon removal
  • rat control
  • rat removal
  • residential pest control
  • rodent inspection
  • rodent removal
  • roof rat removal
  • spider removal
  • termite inspection
  • termite remediation
  • termite removal
  • wasp nest removal
  • wasp removal
  • woodpeckers
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