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Any Tree Anywhere

Any Tree Anywhere
Salmon Arm BC
Business/Store Hours
Sunday to Friday - 6:00 am to 10:00 pm
Saturday - Closed
Any Tree Anywhere offers reasonable priced, expert quality trimming and tree removal services through out the Okanagan valley. Our service area spans from Chase to Vernon including, Scotch Creek and Seymour Arm.

If you or some one else is in immediate physical danger please call 911

If a tree has fallen on a power line or has caused a tree to down a line call 911 and then BCHYDRO at 1-800-BCHYDRO (224 9376)
please keep your self safe and DO NOT try to cross over top of the line. DO NOT go within three meters of any downed lines.
for more information go to the BCHYDRO website:
Services We Offer Related To Tree Service
  • animal rescue
  • dangerous tree falling
  • disaster clean up
  • isa arborist
  • tree climber
  • tree topping
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