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Anoble Green Carpet Cleaning

Anoble Green Carpet Cleaning
Penticton, BC
Anoble Green was born of the idea that more earth loving companies should be on the map. Coming from a background in flooring and janitorial; the owners set out to create, a fully natural, environmentally friendly, customer service based carpet and upholstery service.


2. Having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.

This is the foundation and core belief of our company- we're here for you.

Welcome to Anoble Green, The Earth-Loving Carpet Care Company, we look forward to serving you.

All promotional materials are printed on 100% recycled Kraft Paper, with earth-friendly biomass inks.

Products & Services Offered
  • area rug care
  • carpet cleaners penticton
  • carpet deodorizing
  • commercial building carpet cleaning
  • commercial carpet cleaning
  • condo carpet cleaning
  • condominium carpet cleaning
  • eco friendly area rug care
  • eco friendly carpet cleaning
  • green carpet cleaning
  • high rise condo carpet cleaning
  • highrise condo carpet cleaning
  • industrial carpet cleaning
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