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Alpha Truss

5224 Paintbrush Rd
Oliver BC V0H 1T1
Alpha Truss has been serving the Okanagan Valley for about twenty years from its location in Oliver BC. Most of our customers are found in an area bounded by Kelowna, Grand Forks, Wenatchee and Princeton. We like the jobsite to be close enough that if the framer calls with a problem, we can jump in the truck and have a look.
When you bring in a plan, we treat the quote like a job. This often means working bugs out of the plans and suggesting ways to save money before we get a go ahead from you. We want repeat business and this seems the best way to earn it.

Trips to the jobsite are a feature, not a bug. We welcome them and find they usually save time and money.
A.C.E.D. is explained on the business plan page. We are making a custom product for you and there is a chain of custody as information is passed along, embedded in the trusses and given to the framer after being checked at each step. If there’s a screw-up, we like to skip the finger-pointing stage. We fix it right away so you don’t have to wait more than a few hours.

We have one distinctive idea: the framer is the most important person. He’s usually working in awkward locations, exposed to weather and has plans spread out on the hood of a pickup. If he gets what he needs on time and it all fits together well, we did our job. The recommendation of a good framer is the best advertising.

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