Advantage Home Inspections (2012) Ltd

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Kamloops, BC
Advantage Home Inspections (2012) Ltd
When buying a home, buyers typically look at the cosmetic features of the home, and spend little time examining the core systems within the house. A professional home inspector will give the buyer a realistic, objective analysis of each item that is often overlooked, ignored, or taken for granted by the buyer. Advantage Home Inspections Ltd. is a locally owned experienced home inspection company that provides the detailed examination of your future home before you buy it.
Products & Services Offered  
  • basements and crawl spaces inspections
  • building inspection service
  • certified home inspection
  • commercial home inspection
  • commercial inspection
  • commercial property inspection
  • complete home inspection
  • complete home inspections
  • complete inspection
  • detailed inspection report
  • electrical systems inspection
  • experienced home inspection
  • floor and ceiling inspections
  • gutters and drainage inspection
  • home inspection companies
  • house inspection
  • house inspections
  • inspection
  • new home owner inspection
  • new homeowner inspection
  • plumbing system inspections
  • porches and deck inspections
  • pre purchase inspection
  • professional home inspection
  • real estate inspections
  • residential home inspection
  • roof inspection
  • roof inspections
  • roofs and attic inspections
  • structure and foundation inspections
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Hector Dignard Accredited Inspector #47149 * Accredited Residential & Commercial Inspections * Journeyman Carpenter with Interprovincial Ticket * Complete Roof to Foundation Inspection * Same Day, Detailed Inspection Report * Serving Kamloops & Area For Over 15 Years *