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Building Site Preparation in the Okanagan – What’s Changing?

Twincon Enterprises Hvac Truck
Twincon Enterprises Hvac Truck
Image Credit: Twincon Enterprises

Building site preparation and excavation are essential for any construction project. It is necessary to ensure the safety and longevity of the structure(s) sitting on top. However, traditional excavation techniques can be challenging, possibly leading to damage of existing underground utilities and pipes. Across the Okanagan, hydro vac excavation, pipe flushing and CCTV video inspection, and trenchless pipe repair have become popular alternatives recommended by excavation companies like Twincon Enterprises. These technologies are improving how efficiently soil is moved with a higher degree of safety onsite, and helping builders save money on the building site. Let’s explore this in more detail.

Hydro Vac Excavation

Hydro Vac excavation works using pressurized water and/or high-powered vacuums to accurately and safely reveal rock, debris, conduits, utilities and pipes below the surface. This method minimizes the risk of breaks or cracks or severing lines completely, avoiding costly damage to important infrastructure. Hydro Vac excavation is now considered essential for large projects that cover many acres, or when digging close to complicated underground structures. This method is used to excavate for foundation repairs, new build site preparation, and at utility installations. Hydro vac excavation is also eco-friendly as it uses water rather than chemicals as its main component.      

Pipe Flushing and CCTV Video Inspection:

Pipe flushing and high definition CCTV video inspection go together as a powerful tool used to detect deficiencies in pipe manufacturing, decay, or damage that may have occurred during construction. Pipe cleaning and video inspection can be included as routine maintenance to find post-construction defects. This method is essential to assess the condition of residential or commercial pipes, detect blockages, and identify leaks. Video inspection allows for an accurate diagnosis of issues in the underground pipes. Detecting defects early on in a new construction project can save time, resources and ultimately improve the safety of the final building.

Trenchless Pipe Repair:

Trenchless pipe repair is a popular method of repairing underground pipes without disturbance to the surface above. This method involves pipe lining using a cured-in-place pipe technology, which saves time and capital by completing repairs in under an hour, that would normally take a day or more by traditional methods. Trenchless pipe repair technology has become an essential tool in the building site preparation and excavation industry. It has gained significant popularity due to its cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and eco-friendliness.

What Are The Benefits of Non-Destructive Excavation?

Non-destructive excavation techniques such as hydro vac excavation, pipe flushing and CCTV video inspection, and trenchless pipe repair offer many benefits. It reduces the risk of damage to existing pipes, utility systems, and underground infrastructure, which ensures the safety of the construction project. It also minimizes surface disturbance, which decreases potential disruptions to surrounding areas or businesses. Non-destructive excavation methods are time-efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective, which makes this method preferable for any construction project. Excavation companies such as Twincon Enterprises in Penticton, BC encourage contractors, business owners, and homeowners starting a new home project or dealing with a pipe repair issue, to speak with an excavation expert.

Take the guesswork out of prepping your building site – Contact Twincon Enterprises Ltd. today.

Twincon’s excavation services include residential and commercial excavations, water reservoirs, land clearing, winery slope preparation, slope stabilization, road and site construction, and environmental remediation. Give them a call to schedule a site consultation, at (778) 646-2082. TwinCon Enterprises Ltd. in Penticton is one of the largest excavation companies in the Southern Interior. For over fifteen years, the company's expertise and reliability in earth moving, subdivision development, and civil construction has firmly established its excellent reputation in traditional excavation services on large projects. However, using state-of-the-art hydro vac technology is now expanding the way they approach the challenges of safe and cost-efficient excavation.

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