Current Conditions

MARIAN Anderberg Counselling & Consulting

Specializations Include:

Anxiety work for children, teens, & adults
Life transition & coping with change
Stress management
Relationship issues
Couples & marital therapy
Family therapy
Household & life organization
Parenting support
Trauma recovery
Separation & divorce
Custody & access

In Practice Since 1995:

Children & families in crisis
Therapy with young children, tween & teens
Clients experiencing legal difficulties
Individuals & families managing health crisis
Individuals navigating difficult life changes
Connecting clients to community supports.
Clinical, Supervision, Services
Program Review & Development
Regional Mentorship in Thomson Nicola , Cariboo , Shuswap Columbia District 4.Anti--Violence Consultation and workshops

Private practice counselling services for children, couples, families, and individuals.

Direct billing to Employee Assistance Programs when available.
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