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A Grown-Up Place For Fun

Clarissa Pruden, general manager of Lake City Casino Kelowna invites everyone to come in a take advantage of the 25th year celebrations.

Some come for the tables; some come for the slots while others come to take it all in while enjoying a delicious cocktail in the lounge.

     But whatever the reason for stepping into Gateway’s Lake City Casino Kelowna, an exciting experience in a grown-up, exhilarating environment awaits.

     “We have all the sins in one place,” chuckled casino general manager Clarissa Pruden, who said that visiting the casino is more than just about going out for the evening,
It’s about going out in a grown-up way and creating your own story. “This is very much a social house. It’s not just about gaming.”

     Pruden, who’s been with Gateway for 18 years, first on the floor, then in various other positions working her way up to general manager, loves her job.

      “There’s always interesting things going on here. People are looking for those great experiences, and we give it to them.”

     With over 400 slot machines, a dozen different tables, entertainment, free players club and countless promotions and giveaways, Lake City Casino Kelowna is a definite draw for fun seekers.

     To give patrons more options, Pruden and her staff of 225 are eagerly anticipating the opening of Match Eatery and Public House and The Buffet this winter; the newest additions to the casino.

      “It’s nice that we’ll have two more pieces to add to people’s visit. We want people to be excited to work here, and to come here,” said Pruden. “Match is going to be family friendly, but it’s also smart and it’s sexy, and it’s not an elitist kind of place.”

     The Buffet, which will offer plated breakfast followed by all day/night buffet, is typical of something you’d expect to see in a casino. “There’s a feeling of a tie to Vegas that people enjoy,” said Pruden, who has been around the restaurant industry her whole life as her dad owned and ran eateries.

     With the opening of Match, Pruden says they will feature more local musical talent on a regular basis, something already being done at the Match locations in Vernon and Kamloops.

     Because the casino is a safe place to party, it’s a comfortable place to let loose, says Pruden. Her staff interacts with patrons ensuring they’re having a great time. “They enjoy and appreciate the diverse, unique clientele here and all the craziness that can come with that.”

     With free park and play, free shuttle seven days a week, drinks specials, food specials, giveaways, big screen sporting events, DJs and contests, the good times never end, at least until the casino closes at 2 and 3 a.m.

     With all the excitement still to come in Kelowna, Gateway is also celebrating its 25th anniversary this month. Hot seat draws are happening every day throughout the day, free play, cash prizes, food and celebrations are ongoing at Lake City Casino Kelowna, as well as at all 24 Gateway locations across the country.

     Pruden encourages everyone 19 plus to come check out Lake City Casino Kelowna and see what it’s all about. Enjoy a drink in the lounge, a bite to eat, or try your hand at slots or blackjack; and be sure to keep tabs on the opening of Match Eatery and Public House and The Buffet. Visit  to learn more about what goes on at Lake City Casino Kelowna.


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