Travel Medicine & Vaccination Centre

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301-383 Ellis St
Penticton BC V2A 4L9
We specialize in providing vaccinations and related medical services to travellers venturing to tropical and developing countries, as well as seasonal vaccinations and occupational health services through our TMVC Occupational Health Services division. Travel clinics are staffed by doctors and nurses with a broad range of experience and interest in travel medicine. The clinics offer a complete range of vaccinations for international travel as well as a selection of travel health accessories such as mosquito nets, repellents, first aid kits and water purification products. We are committed to providing business and pleasure travellers with the highest level of service and expertise. TMVC is the largest medical facility in British Columbia specializing in travel and occupational medicine services and immunizations. The company is privately owned and operated and was founded in 1991 in response to ever increasing demands placed on the public health system. Since its inception, TMVC has counselled and vaccinated over 200,000 travellers venturing to just about every country in the world.